Reflections on our study tour to Greece and Turkey

In a certain sense, a study tour like this is anticlimactic. After months preparing and thousands of dollars spent, we did not find any specific stones which we can say with absolute certainty the apostle Paul walked on. Nor did we find a house in Ephesus with an inscription saying John lived here late in his life. Many sites today deal with historical probability and archaeological reconstruction. The Bible is no more true, reliable, or relevant than before we left. Why, then, did we spend so much effort in such a rigorous travel schedule?

Thank offering exceeds $1,000,000

As part of the seminary’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2013-2014 a thank offering was collected. Gifts continue to come in and last week surpassed $1,000,000.

“‘Thank you, Lord,’ is my primary prayer as I think of blessings from this thank offering,” says President Paul Wendland. “All of us on campus are humbled by the love you’ve shown in a tangible way as a thank you to your Savior for the gift of your pastors.”


Winterim begins January 5th. This two-week session between the first and second semesters offers students opportunities for additional work in areas of personal interest, as well as work in areas not normally part of the seminary curriculum.

Sem basketball team wins tourney

On Friday, Dec. 12, eight students headed to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, for Concordia’s annual Tip-Off Tournament—and they came home with a trophy.

For the players this was a great tournament not only because of the victory, but also because—for the first time in 30 years—they had new uniforms. Thanks to the Friends of the Seminary's generosity, the team was able to buy 17 new sets in both black and white.